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Which tee shirt are you interested in? That is the question I asked when I named my store, Witch Tee’s, 25 years ago. Hi, my name is Joan Sweeney Brennan and I am delighted that you are shopping at our Online store. I’d like to share some of my background with you because I am proud of my Salem heritage and the rich history of this enchanted city. I was born and raised in Salem, graduated from Salem High School (you’ll have to guess the year!) and I am especially pleased that my grandmother, mother, myself, and my daughter, four generations of women, all graduated from Salem State University. I graduated with a degree in business and always dreamed of owning my own business. I have been blessed to have two stores in charming downtown Salem and am thrilled that we are now offering our products online.

I opened a retail tee shirt and sweatshirt shop because every time I had the opportunity to go away on vacation, I would buy a tee shirt from the place I was visiting. To me, this was the best souvenir to get that showed where I had gone, but also it was also a great way to start a conversation with folks who had travelled to the same place.

You’ll notice that the pictures on this site are of some of my wonderful customers either wearing their purchases or holding up the iconic yellow Witch Tee’s bag. I love my customers and we have a great time when they visit the stores. Don’t worry though if you think you are missing out by purchasing online, each order will be wrapped in the Witch Tees smiley face with the witch hat, yellow bag! Be sure to send us your picture and you may be the new addition to our customer Wall of Fame!

Thanks for shopping with us and please be sure to introduce yourself to me when you have the chance to ‘stop by for a spell’ when visiting Salem in person.

Love, Joan

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